mercredi, avril 25, 2007

L'étranger' : Show #82, April 24th 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) every (almost) Tuesday 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels.

Played was the the arty chic of the following pseuds :

1. Consumer Electronics - Genisis Of A Child Star
from Teenage Nuremberg CD (Pure, USA) 1995
2. Non & Freunde - C'est Un Reve
from Der Tod Im Juni CD (Goeart, Germany) 1999
3. Cloudland Canyon - Coastal Breathe
from Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 CD ( Teepee, USA) 2006
4. Steve Lake - Dancin (version)
from Folk in Hell Cassette (Fuck Off Records, UK) 1979
5. Motor Ghost - Gash Division
from a Gold Chain Round Her Breast LP (Dancing Wayang, USA) 2007
6. Israel Regardie - Glossary I
from G.D. Knowledge Lectures Disc 1 CD (New Falcon Publications , USA) 2001
7. The Leftovers - Hermine
The (Fucken) Leftovers Hate You (1979 reissue) LP (Dropkick, USA) 2000
8. Ria Pacquee - Hungry Game
from Perfo 2 LP (Netherlands) 1984
9. Magical Power Mako - In A Cavern Astronaus
from Magical Power Mako (1973 reissue) CD (Hagakure Records, Japan) 2000
10. Ganesh Anandan, Malcolm Goldstein, Rainer Wiens - Lullaby
from Speaking In Tongues CD (Ambiances Magnétiques , France) 2003
11. Karel Appel - Musique Barbare
from Waterpipes & Dykes (Dutch & English Language Psychedelia From 1966-1972) CD (Distortions Records, Netherlands)
12. Dog Faced Hermans - Peace Warriors
from Hum of Life CD (Konkurrel, Netherlands) 1993
13. Witcyst - Pop Life
from Shutupalreadydamn! - The Prince Tribute Album CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, New Zealand) 2004
14. The Gerogerigegege - Rock 'n Roll - Dutch Wife ABC
from Senzuri Champion LP (Vis 'A' Vis Audio Arts, Japan) 1987
15. The Sleepers - Seventh World
from Seventh World 12" EP (Win Records, USA) 1978
16. Orchid Spangiafora - Sput
from Flee Past's Ape Elf LP (Twin/tone, USA) 1979
17. Acoustic Grinder - Stop the Flemish Block
from Acoustic Grinder/Turmoil Split 7" (GM, Belgium/Turkey) 1994
18. Kousokuya - The Dreams Of The Recollections
from 1st CD (1991 reissue) (PSF, Japan) 2003
19. Abject - Tino Rossi Was A Nazi
from private recording
20. Danielle Lemaire - True Story of A Master
from web site mp3, 2007
21. Freie Deutsche Jugend - Vorwärts, Freie Deutsche Jugend
from Wir Lieben das Fröhliche Leben CD (Phonica, Germany) 2003

Overlays : Usurper - You Can Do it CD-r (Giant Tank, UK) 2006
over and in-between many tracks


vendredi, avril 06, 2007

L'étranger' : Show #81, April 3rd 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) every (almost) Tuesday 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels.

This week was a special program with 3/4 of Buffle : Xavier, Emmanuel and Denis (missing was Benjamin) taking over the show to play some of their favorite tracks and perform live in the studio.

Played was :

1. Sun Ra and his Myth Science Orchestra – Solar Drums
from Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy / Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow CD (Evidence, USA) 1992 / 1961-1963 reissue
2. Young Marble Giants - Zebra Trucks
from Salad Days CD (Vinyl Japan) 2000 / recorded 1979
3. Benjamin Franklin - Hibou
from Hibou cassette (self released, Belgium) 1999
4. Guimbarde (improvisation by Josef Betschart)
from Les Instruments De Musique Populaire En Suisse 2xLP (Claves, Switzerland) 1980
5. Maniacs Dream – Main Extreme (excerpt)
from Die, Learn, No Way LP (HP Cycle, USA) 2004
6. Extreme Animals – If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It
from Music, The Great Communicator CDr (RatFace DreamAngel, USA) 2006
7. Maya Drum Rhythms (Slit Drums) recorded by Laura Boulton
from Indian Music of Mexico LP (Folkways, USA) 1957
8. The Slits – Track B2
from Bootleg Retrospective LP (Y records, UK) 1980 / recorded 1977
9. Buffle - Live In The Studio (2 untitled tracks)