dimanche, janvier 07, 2007

'L'étranger' : Show #73, January 9th 2007

Presented by a cabal of precocious calvinists and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) every Tuesday 15h30-16h30 on Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels.

Played was the the arty chic of the following evil pseuds :

1. Portland Bike Ensemble - 411 1
from Portland Bike Ensemble LP (Olde English Spelling Bee, USA) 2004
2. Neon Death Slittes - Amphetamine Psychosis
from The Slack Angel's Death Bong split w/ Birds Of Delay CD-R (Memoirs Of An Aesthete, UK) 2006
3. Home Blitz - Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D.
from S/T 7" (Home Blitz, USA) 2006
4. Office - Boxers vs Wrestlers
from Ossification LP (AYAA, UK) 1984
5. Yximalloo - Eel Fishing In Moon Night
from Fangs Of Lucifer 1981-1985 LP (Old Gold, USA) 1999
6. Teenage Panzerkorps - Games for Slaves
from Gleich Heilt Gleich 7" (Skulltones, USA) 2006
7. Arrow Book Club - Get Down Part 4
from V/A The Happy Squid Sampler 7" (Happy Squid, USA) 1980
8. Sheriff Lindo - Grossly Overweight Dub
from Ten Dubs That Shook The World CD (EM, Japan) 2006
9. Inca Ore with Lemon Bear Orchestra - Lucky One
from The Birds In The Bushes CD (5 Rue Christine, France)
10. Pulsallama - May
from web site mp3
11. Rabbi Nuftali Zvi Margolies Abulafia - Misirlou
from web site mp3
12. Lisafer - Police Car
from We Are The Firm - A Tribute To The Cockney Rejects LP (1,2,3,4 Records, USA) 1998
13. Mieses Gegonge - Salz
from Ohrensausen LP (DOM, Germany) 1986
14. Jackwacker - Small And Crappy
from Things from Inside Your Body LP (Blackvelvetfuckrecordings, USA) 2006
15. Red Balune - Spider In Love
from Mass Culture Control Bureau : Things From The Past reissue CD (Ad Hoc, USA) 2006
16.The Sleepers - Step Back
from The Less An Object (retrospective) CD (Tim/Kerr, USA) 1996
17. Transmission - Surrender
from S/T reissue CD (Table Of The Elements reissue, USA) 2006
18. Cheap Little Tart - The Commandments Of Punk
from web site mp3, 2006
19. Honeymoon Killers - The Lady and the Pig-Man (Subtitled Remix)
from Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel (reissue) CD (Crammed Disc, Belgium) 1982/2003
20. Tit Machine - Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt (Live Hamburg 27.12.06)
from private recording

overlays :

A L Llyod - The Cruel Ship's Captain (over track 1)
Stan Kelly - Andrew Rose (over track 1)
A L Llyod - Reuben Ranzo (over track 8)
Ewan MacColl - The Flying Cloud (over track 8)
all from V/A - Sailors Songs and Sea Shanties CD (Highpoint, UK) 2004