jeudi, juin 28, 2007

L'étranger' : Show #86, June 26th 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) some Tuesdays 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels and other times from afar.

Played, in this order, was the the arty chic of the following evil pseuds :

1. The Chumps - Darlings Of The Avant-Garde
from web site mp3, recorded 1979
2. Scattered Order - Slot Car Synth
from Prat Culture 12" (M Squared, Australia) 1982
3. Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin - When You've Become A Star (Bonus)
from Detached From All Objects CD (Gagarin, Germany) 2007
4. Negative World - Untitled
from S/T cassette (Maim & Disfigure, USA) 2007
5. Blood Axis - Walked In Line
from I'm Blutfeuer� CD (Cthulu Records, Germany) 1995
6. Gate Ball - You Really Got Me
from Impossibles! 80's JAPANESE PUNK & NEW WAVE CD (TKCA, Japan) 2002
7. Jean-Louis Costes - Faux Negres & Vrais Arabes
from NTMFN CD (Self Released, France) 1996
8. Foot Village - Comparable Love
from Pisspounder 3xLP (Deathbomb Arc, USA) 2007
9. The Chiffons - Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me)
from Girl Group Sounds, Lost And Found 4xCD (Rhino, USA) 2005
10. Daniele Ciullini - Theme
from L'enfer Est Intime Cassette (Le Syndicat, France) 1985
11. Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor - We Aren't Devo
from Onda 400 7" (ABC, Italy) 1981
12. Masonna - Mother's Little Helper
from Open Your Cunt Cassette (Vanilla, Japan) 1990
13. Counter Attack - Psychic Oi
from Laments And Skulls LP (Prejudice Production, Belgium) 1998
14. Bee Mask - Theme From Snackin Tapes
from Invisible Radiation When Open and Interlocks Defeated Audio Exposure to Beam CD (Deception Island, USA) 2007
15. Angelblood - Terrorist Bang Bang
from Masses Of The Daggers CD (Captain Trip, Japan) 2001
16. Henry Miller - Les paumés, les ratés, les hommes simples
from Entretiens avec Georges Belmont (Denoël 1994, France) 1994 / recorded 1970
17. The Hafler Trio - The Naturalist
from One Dozen Ecomomical Stories By Peter Greenaway CD (Sub Rosa, belgium) 1993
18. Suckdog - The Purpose of a Man
from Onward Suckdog Soldiers CD (Suckdog, USA) 1998
19. Miklos Rozsa - The Killers Theme
from The Killer OST (Kock, USA) 1998
20. Simon Wickham Smith with Bill + Karl - Finnish But Not Finished
from Abridged Perversion, A Shrimper Compilation of Shrimper Compilations CD (Shrimper, USA) 1985
21. Scattered Order - Screaming Tree
from Boxed Brownies Cassette (M Squared, Austrialia) 1981
22. Takehisa Kosugi - 75 Letters And Improvisation
from A Chance Operation The John Cage Tribute Disc 2 (Kock, USA) 1993
23. Weak Sisters - I Wanna Fuck Myself
from A Tribute To GG Allin CD (Turgid Animal, UK) 2006
24. Leland W Sprinkle - On Stalacpipe Organ At Luray
from web site mp3



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