mercredi, juin 20, 2007

L'étranger' : Show #85, June 19th 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) some Tuesdays 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels.

Played, in this order, was the the arty chic of the following evil pseuds :

1. Derek Jarman - Ages and Aeons Quit The Room
from Blue OST CD (Mute, UK) 1993
2. Habr Fofo "12" - I Love Nature But Nature Loves Somebody Else
from Wij Zijn Belgie cassette (Geef Appel Neem Chocolade, Belgium) 1984
courtesy of Club Moral Stocklist podcast
3. Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - 3
from Jerusalem and the Starbaskets / Skarkraou Radio Split LP (Apop, USA) 2006
4. Gayrilla Biscuits - Gay Edge
from Demos EP 7" (Slowgun, USA) 2000
5. Non Band - Duncan™@Dancin
from Impossibles! 80's JAPANESE PUNK & NEW WAVE CD (TKCA, Japan) 2002
6. Little Eva - The Trouble With Boys
from Girl Group Sounds, Lost And Found 4xCD (Rhino, USA) 2005
7. I Am A Kamura - Looking Back
from web site mp3, 2007
8. Whitehouse - Fairground Muscle Twitcher
from Racket CD (Susan Lawley, UK) 2007
9. Fhedolts - Monster In The Disco
from Allegato 7'' (Onda 400, Italy) 1981
10. Bing Selfish - Everybody's Right Wing These Days
from Binging It Back Home CD (ODD, Switzerland) 1995
11. Ilhan Mimaroglu - Sleepsong For Sleepers
from S/T LP (Finnadar, USA) 1985
12. Epileptics - Hitler's Still A Nazi
from System Rejects CD (Overground reissue, USA) 1996 / 1979
13. Vomito Negro - Give Him Coke
from Human LP (KK records, Belgium) 1994
14. God Is My Co Pilot - Eyes Of Satan
from Neko No Akubi: Nihon No Fi LP (Making Of Americans, USA) 1995
15. Michio Kadotani - Track 3
from Rotten Telepathies CD (PSF, Japan) 2003
16. Jean Genet dit et chanté par Marc Ogeret, musique Hélène Martin - Voler, Voler Ton Ciel
from Le Condamné à Mort CD (Revolution, France) 1993
17. Reifenstahl - Je t'air
from Teutonik Disaster German New Wave 1977-1982 CD (Gomma, Germany) 2002
18. Government - Hemingway (Hated Disco Music)
from S/T 7" (Government, Canada) 1979
20. The Golden Kot Quartett - Tea For Two
from The Golden Kot Quartett CD (Leiterwagen, Germany) 1987
21. Two Daughters - Return Call We Are
from Perspectives & Distortion LP (Cherry Red, UK) 1981
22. Lovely Little Girls - Creeping Things Dig Slowly
from web site mp3, 2006
23. Armpit - You Always Cry
from Butta Daza CD (Celebrate PSI Phenomenon, New Zealand) 2003
24. Serge Gainsbourg - Nazi Rock
from Rock Around The Bunker LP (Mercury ,France) 1975



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