mardi, mai 08, 2007

L'étranger : Show #83, May 8th 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) on the odd Tuesday 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels. This week a compress special, the studio was double booked and L'étranger started late, therefore to finish on the dot at 16h30 some of the tracks had to be severely truncated.

Played, in this order, was the the arty chic of the following evil pseuds :

1. Townes Van Zandt - You Are Not Needed Now
from Live on Wbar, private tape
2. Country Teasers - "The Risk"
from Back To The Future CD (Guided Missile, UK) 1998
3. Wendy Chambers - Star Spangled Banner
from Car Horn Organ 7" (Artmusic Inc, USA) 1998
4. Frank Wright Quartet - Guanna Dance Part 1
from Last Polka In Nancy?LP (COTW, France) 1973
5. Michael Flower - 3PM 28/08/05
from Returning to Knowing Nothing LP (Qbico, Italy) 2007
6. Titmachine - Distortion (Live in Brussels 05/05/07)
from private tape
7. Hitler SS - Somebody Says The Punk Is Dead
from split 7" w/ Tampax (Compact Cassette Records, Italy) 1979
8. Rhythmus Radikal - Sexstar
from Ein Sampler Aus Südwest Cassette (Lautt, Germany) 1983
9. Frank Perry - Wedged Into Release
from Not Necessarily "English Music" 2xCD (Electronic Music Foundation, USA) 2001
10. Steve Birchall - Abacaba
from Reality Gates: Electronic Meditations by Steve Birchall CDr (Creel Pone, USA) 2006
11. Titmachine - My Pal Foot Foot (Live in Brussels 05/05/07)
from private tape
12. Hat-Hat - Before The Curtain Falls
from Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol.6 Cassette (Insane Music, Belgium) 1984
13. Elvis Presley
from Celebrities At Their Worst Vol 1 CD (Transparency, USA) 2003
14. Dame Darcy - Chicken
from Best Of CD (Boptart, USA) 2003
15. Midwich Cuckoos - Dancing With The Dead
from British Beat - Vol. 1 (Direct Records, UK)
16. SubArachnoid Space - Doomed Megalopolis
from Delicate Membrane CD (Charnel Music, USA) 1996
17. Sieg Heil - I Hate Crass!
from First Demo 1984 7" Bootleg EP (No Label, Japan)
18. Jutok Kaneko, Shimura Koji & Takuya Nishimura - Longing for the Ray
from 2 Million Tongues Festival CD (Bastet , USA) 2005
19. Monopoly Queen - Let's Keep It Friendly
from 7" (Sub Pop, USA) 1994
20. Afflicted Man - Piggy People
from The Afflicted Man's Musical Bag (reissue) LP (Complete Recordings, USA) 2006
21. Shades of Joy - The First Flower Ater the Flood
from The Music Of El Topo LP (Dagored, Italy) recorded 1970
22. Rock Rock Chicken Pox - The Sun is a Snake in the Eye
from DIE, Grizzly! DIE! CD (Flaming Fire Music, USA) 2000
23. Go Hirano - Windpapers
from Reflection of Dreams CD (PSF, Japan) 1996



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