mardi, avril 25, 2006

'L'étranger' : Show #46, Tuesday 25th April 2006

It's not punk just pure junk every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 15h30-16h30.

1. "War of the Superbikes Promo" by The Meatmen
from Making of War of The Superbikes 7" flexi (Evatone, USA) 1985
2. "100000 Dead" by 7 Year Rabbit Cycle
from Wind Machines (FPS, USA) 2004
3. "Bay Of Pigs" by The American Devices
from web site mp3, 2006
4. "Braided Metal" by First Nation
from Coronation 7'' (Paw Tracks, USA) 2006
5. "Buried In Frog Hearts" by Magic Is Kuntmaster
from web site mp3, 2006
6. "England Sucks" by GOP
from 7" (Blind Spot, USA) 2005
7. "Entcore" by The Joyous Cosmology Featuring Ludo Mich
from web site mp3
8. "One Farmer Less" by Danielle Lemaire
from Atomic Ballroom CD (Inner Landscapes, Netherlands) 2001
9. "Everything Is All Right" by Bam
from web site mp3, 2006
11. "For Fifty Bucks Your Ass Is Mine" by Baboon Torture Division
from Extreme Baboon Cyber Torture 2000 CD (Crunch Pod Media, USA) 2001
12. "Gargoyle" by Terrestrial Tones
from Dead Drunk CD (Paw Tracks, USA) 2006
13. "I Hate The Ramones" by Offence
from web site mp3, 2006
14. "Mistress Marguchi" by Glen Olden
from web site mp3, 2006.
15. "Money, Money" by Sexy Bollocks
from 7" (Punk Etc. Records, Belgium) 1983
16. "Pende Recki Fake Tan" by Gastric Female Reflex
from web site mp3, 2006
17. "Pepe" by Paavoharju
from web site mp3, 2006
18. "Sewing Your Hands Shut" by Badgerlore
from Of Things Too Sorrowful to Be Reminded Of… CD (FPS, USA) 2003
19. "Stop Playing Harmonica" by Longmont Potion Castle
from Late-Eighties-Vein Comedy CD (Insides Music, USA) 2003
20. "Two Lives" by Vertigo
from 7" (Skidmark, USA) 1998
21. "TV News (Live in Brussels)" by Mechanique Vegetale
from Insane Music for Insane People CS (Sandwich, Belgium) 1983
22. "Two Day" by Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone
from Prairies CD (Lucky Kitchen, Spain) 2005

Overlay : Linking most tracks were segments from ‘Atomic Ballroom’ CD by Danielle Lemaire (Inner Landscapers, Netherlands) 2001

jeudi, avril 20, 2006

'L'étranger' : Show #45, Tuesday 18th April 2006

It's not punk just pure junk every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 15h30-16h30.

A special show in the hallowed presence of the Kovorox Sound crew as part of their European tour. Kylie Minoise, Noma, Nackt Insecten & WW Cat played live in the studio.


1. Kylie Minoise - !!!!!!!
from Psychedelic Satanism 3"CD ( Kovorox Sound, UK) 2006
2. No Heroes - I Wiped My Ass With Maximum Rock'n'Roll
from web site mp3, 2006
3. WW Cat - Caste Iron Lover
from The Guts Of Romance CD ( Kovorox Sound, UK) 2006
4. Nackt Insecten - Live Set
5. Jon Wayne - Texas Funeral
from From Dusk Till Dawn Soundtrack (Sony, USA) 1996
6.Kylie Minoise - Live Set
7.Murphy No Geisha - Kyoko Chan No Uta
from Nazo Nazo LP (Murphy No Geisha) 1993
8.Nackt Insecten - Under Silent Wings
from Descent CD ( Kovorox Sound, UK) 2005
9.Aburadako - Runnin' High
from EP (ADK Sono-Sheet, Japan) 1983
10. WW Cat - Live Set
11. Nackt Insecten v WW Cat CD overlay
12. Noma - Live Set
13. Noma - Snakecharmer & 3 Plastic Spoons
from A Mix For Europe CD (Noma, UK) 2006
14.Geza X - I Hate Punks
from You Goddamn Kids LP (Final Gear, USA) 1981

Biogs :

One-man harsh noise attack aktion!!! Indecipherable blasphemies! Cuts! Bruises! Smashed microphones!

Solo project from Glasgow by Opaque/ Kovorox Sound founder Lea Cummings. With his low-end guitar drone/ improv/ noise unit Opaque, Lea has toured extensively around the UK and Europe. He has performed alongside Sunn 0))), Goem, Boris, Hototogisu, Blood Stereo, Birds of Delay and many more. His music has been released by labels such as: Fat Cat, Nidnod, Monopolka, Dental and Celebrate PSI Phenomenon and praised by the likes of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Bruce Russell (Dead C), Campbell Kneale (Birchville Cat Motel/Black Boned Angel), Dylan Nyoukis (Decaer Pinga) Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Prurient.

Drones, Tones and Mobile Phones.

Constantly evolving improvised music using guitar-amplified reclaimed consumer electronics from legendary reclusive Scottish experimental musician John Cromar. With a decade's worth of recording and infrequent yet enthusiastically received performances under his belt (such as at this year's INSTAL fringe festival), this will be the first venture into Europe for NOMA.

Bloodshot wall of insect dirge.

Solo minimal drone project from Glasgow-based God of Nasty Insect Drone and Opaque member Rory Sanachan. With releases on Kovorox Sound and Pjorn 72 and a UK tour culminating with a set at the NO-TREND NOISE FEST in London, the past 12 months have been busy for this nasty little insect.

WW Cat
Malfunctioning electronics, splintered geetar, fx of doooooooom, wireless noise box, bleak detuned joana, wails of sorrow.

Ww cat makes sound with things. sometimes sound is unpleasant. sometimes sound is pleasant. either way, sound should always be sexy. As well as solo feline racket i am to be found hacking bile in temple of static christ (with kylie minoise + nackt insecten), barbastelle (with cheer) and julius seizure (with noma + parvo).

MORE INFO/PHOTOS/MP3S sur Kovorox Sound

mardi, avril 04, 2006

'L'étranger' : Show #44, Tuesday 4th April 2006

The show that brings you shambolic sounds for bucket rakers every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 15h30-16h30.

1. "Nikon" by Otomo Yoshihide
from The Night Before the Death of the Sampling Virus CD (Extreme, Japan) 1993
2. "Idiotenmusik 2" by Felix Kubin
from 7" (Ultra Eczema, Belgium) 2005
3. "Arise! Life-Giving Seagull" by Supreme Dicks
from Working Man's Dick CD (Freek Records, USA) 1994
4. "At The Base" by Heavy Winged
from web site mp3, 2006
5. "Beauty Does Not Fill excerpt" by Hockyfrilla
from web site mp3, 2006
6. "Bell Book Candle" by Knit Witch
from web site mp3, 2006
7. "Bitten" by Comus
from First Utterance CD ( Si-Wan, Korea) 2004
8. "Breasts" by Ivor Cutler
from web site mp3, 1977
9. "Cruel Cocktails" by Amos & Sara
from Sing the private world of Amos Cassette (It's War Boys, UK) 1981
10. "Dead Plane" by No Age
from web site mp3, 2006
11. "Fragment2" by Pfefftiffuff
from web site mp3, 2006
12. "Guten Tag, Frau Bergmann" by Holger Hiller & Thomas Fehlmann
from Wir Bauen Eine Stadt LP (Gagarin, Germany) 2006
13. "Hendrik De Man" by Club Moral
from L'Enfer Est Intime 2 x LP (VP, France) 1985
14. "I'm On Pills" by Millimeter Dragon
from web site mp3, 2006
15. "Jacobs Ladder Reprise" by Wounded Knee
from web site mp3, 2006
16. "Jane Blank (live)" by Pink Section
from Can You Hear Me? Music From The Deaf Club LP (Walking Dead, USA) 1979
17. "Kathederale Kopernikus" by Felix Kubin & Wojt3k Kucharczyk
from TerriTerrorTorium 7" (Mik Musik/Gagarin, Poland/Germany) 2005
18. "Kvds" by Bad Robot(s), Evil Doer
from web site mp3, 2006
19. "Nasty Young Thing" by Russian Sarcasm
from private recording, 1988
20. "No Love, No Telephone" by Tenouti Yomezou
web site mp3, 2005
21. "Once It Was Autumn" by Richard Youngs
from The Naive Shaman CD (Jagjaguwar, USA) 2005
22. "Sweep" by Space Negros
from Dig Archaeology 1980-1990 CD (Arf! Arf!, USA) 1996
23. "There Is A Garden" by Felix Kubin
from 7" (A-Musik, Germany) 2006

Overlays ;

".AIFF" by Dennis Loesch over tracks 4 & 5
from Futuristische Kuchenmusik LP (Stadl, Germany) 2004
"Sound Effects & My Cry In The Stairwell" by Antonin Artuad over track 5
from Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu, 1948
"The Book Of Satan, Verse IV" by Anton Lavey over track 11
from Satanic Mass CD (Amarillo, USA) 1995