mardi, août 21, 2007

L'étranger : Show #89, August 14th 2007

Presented by precocious calvinist Kosten Koper and broadcasting to the masses (and missa) some Tuesdays 15h30-16h30, Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels and other times from afar.

Played, in this order, was the the arty chic of the following evil pseuds :

1. Townes Van Zandt - Kathleen
from Live At The Old Quarter (Rhino, USA) 1973
2. Satanic Malfunctions - Only Stupid People Glamourise America
from I´ve Just Had About All I Can 7" (Looney Tunes, UK) 1987
3. House Hunt Hussies - Shagging Cherri
from Sexorama Cassette (ZSF Produkt, Japan) 1984
4. No Neck Blues Band (w/ John Fahey) - Overcome
from The Great Koonaklaster Speaks: A John Fahey Celebration CD (Table Of The Elements, USA) 2007
5. Come - Sex
from Anthology 1 (Come Organisation Archives 1979-1981) CD (Susan Lawley, UK)
6. Tom Carter & Ian Nagoski -
from Live 5/9/2003 @ Talking Head Club, Baltimore, CD (No Label, USA) 2007
7. Victor Dimisich Band - Shocking Pink Clock
from My Name Is K CD (3001 Sekunden, Germany) 1980 reissue
8. arcH Hare - Grow, Oh Darkness
from Valkenberg Hermitage Vol. 1 CD (Valkenberg Hermitag, Germany) 2007
9. Helge Schneider & The Firefuckers - Whiter Shade of Pale
from Unintelligible at Any Speed : a collection of Umlautcore CD (WFMU, USA) 2004
10. Ruth White - Lovers Wine
from Flowers Of Evil CD (Creelpone, USA) 1969 reissue
11. Der Blutharsch - III
from Viele Feinde Viele Ehre LP (Düdeschar, Germany) 2002
12. Spirit Bears - Ellangca
from web site mp3, 2007
13. Bruce Brackney - We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years
from Rebel Voices: Songs of the Industrial Workers of the World CD (Flying Fish, USA) 1992
14. Devoid Of All Mercy - Wet Ashes Smashed Phone
from Your Children Left With The Stranger CD (Battlecruiser, New Zealand) 2007
15. Nocternity - Worship the End
from Nocternity / Akitsa Split 7" (Forever Plagued, USA) 2004
16. Noémie Dal - Violette De Nuit
from web site mp3, 2007
17. Up Murphy Street - Overture
from Up Murphy Street LP (No Label, UK) 1985
18. Peter Laughner - Life Stinks
from Take The Guitar Player For A Ride CD (Tim Kerr, USA) 1995
19. Radio RASD #1: 05/24/2007, 6300 kHz (2337 UTC)
from Shortwave Music Blogspot
20. Kuupuu - Pihlajapuu
from Yokehra LP (Dekoder, Germany) 2007


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